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John Boos 211 10x5x1 (211)

John Boos
211 10X5X1 | 211
211 10X5X1 | 211  
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Product Details For John Boos 211 211 10x5x1

John Boos

211 10X5X1

  • Weight: 1.4 lbs

    Available Colors/Finishes:
  • N/A (211)
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    About John Boos

    John Boos Co. has a rich history, doing business from Effingham, Illinois, specializing in top quality kitchen worktables , pot racks , and countertops . In fact, John Boos has been serving the public since 1887. The company was founded by a blacksmith when the local butcher watched the blacksmith use a sycamore tree stump to straighten horseshoes and knew he needed just such a wood block for his own trade. John Boos went from being a blacksmith, to creating butcher s blocks, to creating gourmet and professional kitchen worktables, countertops, and accessories as we know them today. While John Boos had its early beginnings in a blacksmith shop, today the company operates a 150,000 square foot facility still located in Effingham, Illinois and also has plants in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania and Suring, Wisconsin. Dry kilns are used to produce the wood blocks used in the manufacturing of the kitchen worktables and countertops and today, maple and oak are used instead of sycamore. The old fashioned commitment to quality from the company s earliest days still remains. For the highest quality kitchen worktables and countertops, look for the exclusive John Boos name.

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